pladis Ülker Sales Meeting

We held our event, attended by 550 pladis employees, in Belek Rixos Premium Hotel in February 2020.

Halkbank Managers Meeting 2019

Approximately 1500 Halkbank employees attended to the event we held in Antalya Rixos Sungate Hotel in January 2019.

TIM Delegates Meeting

At Delegates Meeting of Turkey Exporters Assembly conducted in September 2019, we hosted 350 people in Mardan Palace Antalya Titanic.

Türk Telekom SMSE Sales Meeting

In April 2016, we held the event which Türk Telekom SME sales teams came together and sales strategies were discussed at Antalya Rixos Sungate Hotel with 200 participants. The main theme was footbal and we included various activities to motivate the teams.

Bileşim Vision Meeting

We held the event, where 2018 targets were discussed, in March 2018. Motivation activities were also included in the event, which we hosted 350 people at the Grand Abant Hotel.